Gerardine Pierre, Mental Health

Gerardine Pierre, Mental Health

  • Position: Intern
  • Experience: Internship
  • Location: North Miami, Florida 33161, <br>United States
  • Email:
  • Phone: +1(786) 906-8656

Personal Experience & Biography

Gerardine is a passionate graduate student pursuing her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health at Walden University. With her extensive experience in working with individuals of all ages, she is committed to refining her skills in counseling, Her interests and skills are in family and marriage therapy, as well as the treatment of anxiety, depression, and addiction. She aspires to leverage her expertise to make a meaningful impact on the lives of her clients at Wonderful Counseling LLC, contributing to the growth of the organization as well as the well-being of those she serves.

Gerardine is devoted to providing exceptional mental health services and building positive client relationships, always prioritizing their well-being. She has had a successful career path and acquired certifications as a Life Coach, Mentor Trainer, and Business and Career Consultant. With her extensive experience in Behavioral Health and Early childhood learning.

Her background experience is quite intriguing. Her credentials include certification as a Notary and Minister through the University Life Church, enabling her to deliver pre-marital guidance and conduct wedding ceremonies. This unique facet of her expertise undoubtedly contributes to her approach to work in a highly favorable manner.

Her objective is to act as an exemplary model, shatter barriers and cycles, especially in diverse communities, to promote positive health outcomes.