Magda has a wealth of knowledge and is great at sharing it in a manner for anyone to understand. She is patient and demonstrates great empathy towards her supervisees as well as her clients. She is a leader who is down to earth and definitely a pleasure to work with. -J. Joseph, North Miami Beach, Florida

Magda is knowledgeable in her field and is someone anyone can relate to. I would recommend her again and again.
-C. Robinson, Plantation, Florida

Miss Magda helped me to deal with a lot of issues I was going through in my life when I was younger. Because of her I feel like I’m able to become the type of man my mother would have been proud to see if she had lived. I am grateful that I was able to learn from my experiences and have her guide me at a time when I really needed guidance the most. I can’t begin to even say how much I appreciated all that she did to be there for me and I can only hope to repay her by becoming the greatness she told me I am capable of being. -  Mike Mike, Sunrise, Florida

Throughout my time working with Magda I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the inner workings of one of the most empathetic souls I have ever encountered. She exemplified all the ethical codes of her field while also holding on to a strong moral compass and treated all her clients and colleagues with respect and a kindness of heart. I look to Magda not only as an example of a true professional in the Social Services arena, but also the embodiment of a strong and powerful human being in everyday life. She has become as much of a mentor as she is a friend and has been helpful in offering extensive knowledge in working with a variety of clientele but also guidance in continuous personal growth.
 - A. Mcdonald, Sunrise, Florida 

"I want to thank you for all the training and supervision you provided me during my internship. I got hired at Our Children, Our Future and I'm in the process of becoming a registered intern (just waiting on my number). The lady who hired me was very impressed with the Tx plan and Tx notes I created for the mock case she gave me. Thank you so much for preparing me for this step." I. Bass, Miami, Florida




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