Supervisor Consultation

Leadership Matters
Many times Licensed professionals are unprepared for the world of leadership, management and supervision. You obtain your license and your boss then says to you, great! Now you can supervise these other Clinicians. Of course, you rise up to the task, but it may come with tons of anxiety. What is worst, you often find yourself with no support and no one to turn to. Well, I am here for you.
I take a leader member exchange approach to leadership where one leads from the bottom up not top down. I am a six-sigma green belt and can help you find ways to improve processes in your role and shine as a integral part of your  organization. 

To lead a great and productive team, you must have great leadership skills. What's more important, you have the awesome responsibility of helping other professionals grow. Social Work Code of Ethics makes it clear that as a collective body of Social Workers, we should be there to help one another be as effective and productive in our practice. Whether you need a one time, one hour consultation, weekly or monthly support, I am here to help you.

Areas of Support Include:
-Managing and Supervision of Clinical Teams in Various Settings
-Leadership Development
-Methods to Approaching Disciplinary Action
-Capitalizing on Learning Opportunities 
-Supervising Individuals and Meeting Their Growth Needs 
-Ethical Leadership Practice
-Supporting New Hires and New Therapist
-Helping Student Interns Learn and Grow
-Managing Strategies for Challenging Employees

-Navigating the Challenges of Middle Management
-Self-Care for Leaders
-Continued Learning for Growth and Self
-Evaluating Employee Performance and Providing Quality Feedback
-Creating an effective learning experience for your RCSWI

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