Supervision for RCSWI

One of the most important decisions you will make as a growing Mental Health Professional is choosing your supervisor as you work toward Licensure. This will be the person to help teach you the in's and out's of the Mental Health field. Good supervision is critical to your professional growth and development. Having someone knowledgeable and not afraid to challenge me was monumental in helping me develop my clinical confidence. I desire deeply to return back to you what was sewn so graciously into me.  

Registered Interns will enjoy:

--Flexible hours
--Affordable rates
--Flexibility in meeting places
--Clinical support during non-supervision hours
--Free resources to help you develop your clinical toolbox
--Networking with other growing Mental Health Professionals
--Flexible pay options
--A learning plan specific to your needs and individual goals
--Helping you to discover and develop your strengths
--Assistance with preparing for and taking the State Licensure exam
--Coaching on climbing the career ladder or developing your career plan

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