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"transform by renewing your mind"-Romans 12:2

My Message To You

Welcome to Wonderful Counselor!
I am so excited that you are considering me and my company as a partner with you on this journey called life! I am a South Florida native, born and raised in Miami-Dade County. I attended Florida International University where I earned both my Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Social Work. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Florida. I am also certified in Child Welfare, trained in several crisis managment interventions and speak fluent Haitian/Creole. I entered this field because when I sat in my Introduction to Social Work class, I heard the professor speak a lot about helping others. She also mentioned that helping others while incorporating your faith was ok too! I knew then that this was the field for me. Since then I have worked as a Case Manager in the foster care system, with adolescent youth approaching 18 and preparing to age out, providing community mental health services to adults, children and families, working in the school system with children and families, providing therapy for individuals with substance abuse challenges, and more recently with traumatized youth in the foster care system residing in residential group homes.

As I began to develop as a Mental Health Professional and grow as a Christian, I started to realize that there are many people who are believers in Christ, but are not living the abundant life that He desires for them. Often times, Churches are not able to provide the proper support to individuals dealing with severe mental health challenges, family problems or substance abuse challenges. These individuals often get referrred to outside agencies who may or may not incorporate Christian principles in counseling. Although some people will argue that simply reading your bible, attending church and praying will change things, I strongly believe that implementing the aforementioned along with counseling, will give individuals and/or families a place to process thier traumas, overcome obstacles and learn coping skills to move forward in finding peace and enjoyment in their everday lives. 

My passion is in helping others find their way by teaching them how to change their thought patterns, develop new normals for themselves and depend on God for guidance. I also enjoy helping other Mental Health Professionals find their niche and develop their skills. I am an active member at New Birth Baptist Church Catherdral of Faith International where Bishop Victor T. Curry is the founding Pastor/Teacher in Miami, Florida.

Be Sure to verify my credentials at http://www.do.state.fl.us/. You can also connect with me professionally on LinkedIn www.LinkedIn.com. Don't forget to like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Wonderful.Counselor2013, follow us on twitter @1dfulcounselor and subscribe to our Youtube channel: Wondc2013.

I look forward to working with you very soon.

In His Service,

Magda Demerritt, LCSW
SW 10397
Wonderful Counselor, LLC.
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