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"transform by renewing your mind"-Romans 12:2


Initiating Mental Health services for you or your family should be looked at as an investment. The skills you will learn will be useful for you and your family both now and for generations to come. Below is the breakdown of service fees. At this time, insurances are not accepted. 

Rate: $75.00 per hour 

Pre-Martial Counseling: $50.00 per hour (6 to 8 Sessions)

Frequency and Duration:
Frequency (how many times we meet) and Duration (how long we meet) of services are based on your specific needs and vary from person to person. For example, you may only need services one time a month for one hour or one time a week for 2 hours. It is all going to be decided on what your individual needs are.

Rate:  $50.00 per hour for Individual (individual is defined as 1 or 2 people)
Frequency and Duration:
Supervisees typically meet once a week for one hour. Applicants will be accepted no matter where you are in the licensure process. Newly registered interns for licensure in Florida will need supervision for about 2 years as required by the State of Florida.

Individuals seeking to be supervised must have verification of registration as an intern and must be working with individuals and/or families providing clinical services. For more information on becoming a registered intern, visit http://www.doh.state.fl.us/mqa/491/soc_lic_req.html

Various discounts are available, so please be sure to ask.

Community Education Seminars:
Speaking engagements, panel service and Community Education Seminars are FREE of charge as long as the event is free to patrons. If attendees are charged, a hourly rate of $50 will apply. We only ask that you schedule your seminar at least 1 month in advance to allow for preparation of the content being presented. We want to ensure that it is presented in a manner that will be understood by the target population. You may call us or use the contact information form to request your education seminar.

Cash, Money Order, Debit or Credit Cards are all accepted forms of payment.

Churches and Organizations may also purchase counseling hours in advance to have available for church or community members as the need arises. Likewise, any individual who has a relative or loved one can sponsor them and pay for sessions in advance. Please contact us for more details.

Insurances are not accepted at this time

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